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Reworking hours, testing online ordering while reporting higher traffic, sales growth overall
CST Brands partner acquires Erickson Oil and its Freedom Valu
Midyear 2014 data shows convenience stores own nearly three-quarters of the volume for the “total nicotine” category, the vast majority of which (68%) continues to come from premium cigarettes, according to a report from Management Science Associates. In MSA’s report, “total nicotine” includes cigarettes, moist smokeless tobacco, snus, large & filtered Cigars, and e-vapor products. Here are some highlights:
Leaders encouraged after strides in foodservice, merchandising bring strong fourth quarter

With major inroads in green building design and a successful recycling program, c-store retailer Sheetz has raised its eco-friendly game.

With the largest beverage category--CSDs--in decline, convenience retailers are focused on who else they can sell beverages to. Beyond the opportunity to draw additional sales, the added benefit is the opportunity to improve market-basket totals and margins by reaching out to new demographics.
Chicago team to focus on craft and import beers
Kwik Trip has built its own “Field of Dreams.” We recently completed our second Kwik Star convenience store in Dubuque, which we celebrated with a grand opening ribbon-cutting ceremony in late July. The store is our 415th store, and the 48th in Iowa.
Starts calendar on six-month deadline for filing claims
Says complaints failed to present facts supporting claim he was involved