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Convenience-store operators are some of the most progressive U.S. businesses, providing new services at an increasing rate. But with progress and innovation comes more challenges of data security.
Apple Pay is now in play. And so the consumer chapter begins in a saga that will potentially make all the difference for convenience retailers on either side of the mobile-wallet debate.
Vape: It's not your father's tobacco product, as reflected in CSP's first-ever vaping-centric meeting in December in Phoenix. And you know it's not your typical tobacco meeting when you have a marquee sponsor whose mission is to "make cigarettes obsolete" and one of the evenings includes a trendy vaping party.
Rebranding the 31 c-stores in southern Arizona to its Giant banner
What's in store for your business in 2015
Healthy kids’ meals ranked No. 4 in the National Restaurant Association’s “What’s Hot 2015 Culinary Forecast,” a survey of nearly 1,300 professional chefs. Also on the list were whole-grain items in kids’ meals (No. 14) and fruit/vegetable children’s sides (No. 19). But are convenience store-operators taking any notice?
As I look at the convenience-store model today, I see 24-hour operations, huge physical and costly stores with restaurants, bakeries, 20 fueling spots and so much more. Although some retailers have not changed their model much in the past 25 years, many of them are seeing decreasing sales and customer traffic per store.
Merger with Atlas Oil's dealer business creates national distributor, brings Simon's vision
Clearly, c-stores have room for improvement. Some of this is simply a matter of more consistently executing on the basics and opportunities already discussed. But some of it shows a large gulf between consumer expectations and business realities.
The CSP-Technomic survey underlines several “fish hooks” you can use to reel customers in and keep them engaged.