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This month's featured category article: Meat Snacks

The c-store opportunity with meat snacks is a big one: The market share of meat snacks is at $2.4 billion, and meat snacks rank number one in snack foods consumed within 30 minutes of purchase. 

For retailers, recent innovation in the meat snacks category has been a catalyst for growth; bacon jerky and turkey jerky have grown 91% and 62% this year, respectively. Jerky and traditional meat sticks make up the majority of meat snacks sold in c-stores.

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Category Management Resources
92% of retailers carry some type of frozen products, and for good reason: Frozen items, such as pizza, can help increase key metrics such as average ring. Learn how appealing to convenience-driven consumers can help c-stores drive sales with the frozen, deli & dairy category.
65% of adults indicate that they often snack between meals, and savvy retailers are seizing this opportunity. McLane MPulse data shows a growth of 7% in APSW for alternative snacks.
Consumers list convenience and price as the two most important factors that influence where they purchase brewed coffee.
The vast majority of c-store operators expect their foodservice business and grab-and-go sales to grow exponentially in the next year.
Pain relievers, cough/cold and lip balm products are expected to drive growth in the HBW category for retailers.
When it comes to impulse sales, general merchandise is king.
Innovative and alternative proteins are reaching new consumers.
For most coffee drinkers, the first beverage consumed in the morning is a cup of coffee.
Given the growing similarities between c-stores and drug stores, it is imperative for retailers to provide a comprehensive health, beauty and wellness set to stay competitive.
In today’s environment of eroding gas margins and decreasing cigarette consumption, foodservice not only offers growth potential and increased gross profit margins, but also a chance to compete with establishments outside of the traditional c-store trade channel.
As the economy continues to improve and consumer discretionary spending rebounds, products in dairy, deli and frozen doors will thrive.
Adapting to new trends and category growth is the secret of success.
Better-for-you items and new flavors top a roster of innovation.
It’s no secret that convenience stores dominate sales in the cigarette, moist-tobacco and cigar industries.
Know who is buying, what they are buying and why.
Confection is a c-store staple, up 1.8% in dollars and holding 23% share of the total U.S. confectionary sales. It should soon be a $33 billion dollar business, with convenience stores accounting for $5.3 billion in sales.

As an industry leader, McLane has invested heavily in its end-to-end grocery supply chain services. With one-of-a-kind procurement resources and relationships, state-of the art logistics, data- and analytics-based merchandising services, and cost-saving technology solutions, McLane is committed to helping our customers grow their businesswhether they have just one store or 1,000.

The advantages of working with McLane? Well, to name just a few:

  • World-class distribution centers
  • Nationwide buying power
  • Category management expertise
  • Extensive data warehouse
  • Powerful technology solutions

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