Treasurer Luxury Line

Treasurer Luxury Line
Elegance and Savoir Faire in Every Pack

The Chancellor Tobacco Company (UK) Ltd., based in London, UK, manufactures the world’s most exclusive and lavish cigarettes, TREASURER. Since its inception, TREASURER brand has been synonymous with luxury, elegance and unmatched quality. With its focus on quality, style and smoking perfection, TREASURER has become the choice cigarette of real tobacco connoisseurs.

No expense is spared in Company’s Mission to deliver the utmost in smoking pleasure, making TREASURER a mark of Taste, a mark of Grandeur. Chancellor Tobacco carefully blends world’s finest tobaccos achieving a truly smooth taste and fulsome flavor that is without equal. The result is a superlative smoking experience.

TREASURER LUXURYLine extends this unmatched smoking pleasure and introduces 5 varieties of TREASURER LUXURY cigarettes.

TREASURER LUXURYis packed in elegant shoulder boxes. The 90 mm luxury cigarettes are made from high-grade pure Virginia blend and offer a smooth and satisfying smoking experience. Each cigarette stick is made with watermarked cigarette paper bearing the TREASURER logo and mark of quality. Attention to detail reflects the sheer quality and refinement that one associates with the TREASURER Brand.

Company Details
The Chancellor Tobacco Company (UK) Ltd.