Cheyenne International Decade Cigarettes

Decade Cigarettes
Don't Miss Out on the Deal of the Decade

Decade Cigarettes, made in the USA by Cheyenne International, are a rich, quality blend of tobacco at an attractive price point. Decade cigarettes are a leading discount brand gaining national brand loyalty and remarkable growth. Give your adult customers the alternative they have been looking for, a no-nonsense brand that offers a quality smoke at a fair price. Our striking hard box pack, attractive POS and experienced sales force will propel your sales to profitable new heights. Decade King and 100 packs are available in Red, Gold, Menthol, Silver and Menthol Silver. Don't miss out on the deal of the decade! For more information, visit us at or call us at 1-866-254-6975.

Let us show you what a great relationship with a tobacco company looks like.

Company Details
Cheyenne International, LLC
701 S. Battleground Ave.
North Carolina
(866) 254-6975