The VRX Company EJournal

The VRX Company EJournal
Capture Point Of Sale journals to your PC

The VRX Company today announced a new product offering, EJournal™, the journal printer eliminator. EJournal™ is the perfect solution for convenience stores, restaurants, and many other retailers who need the ongoing data a journal printer provides, but don't want the hassle and mess of a long daily paper tape and the difficulty of searching for specific transactions.

EJournal™ captures your journal data with your PC and saves it to your hard disk. It saves one file each day. Your Point of Sales (POS) system's End of Day report can trigger an end of day file save, or
you may use a forced end of day button or a time of day forced file save. As a result, you GET RID OF ALL THAT PAPER, and your automatically organized files are EASILY SEARCHABLE.
EJournal™ runs on a Windows PC under XP, Vista or Windows 7. This might be the same PC on which you capture your surveillance video or even a notebook PC dedicated to journal capture. With the
EJournal™ software, and one of our EJournal™ splitter cable assemblies, you can continue to run your printer for receipts on demand and capture the journal electronically. If you have a dedicated journal
printer, you can eliminate it entirely with EJournal™.
Visit our web site for a feature overview at:
To download a free demo of EJournal™, as well as Install Sheet and User Manual visit:
For a Sales Brochure, which can be personalized by CCTV or POS Installers visit:
You can purchase EJournal™, either alone or with a cabling kit. See the cabling options and purchase
on line at:, or call us for volume discounts.
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