TouchPoint technology

TouchPoint technology
Loyalty marketing to the c-store industry and remains the leading c-store loyalty provider.

Outsite Networks introduced new technology at the NACS conference which gives c-store loyalty marketers the ability to reach out into their communities and build loyalty partnerships with local media, retailers, businesses, charities, churches, fraternal organizations, school clubs, and virtually any community organization. The result is a loyalty program where the local community becomes the program's biggest advocate.

The Outsite Networks Community Partner TouchPoint technology works with member loyalty tags to track member visits at partner locations or events. This data triggers the printing of a partner coupon when the member returns to the c-store. The coupon can be special offers, freebies, and even targeted messaging.

Outsite Networks also introduced new "Group" targeting, which can enable loyalty programs to be linked with local charity fundraising drives.

"This effectively extends a c-store loyalty program across a community of local and regional partners. Together they enjoy the ultimate in audience sharing, and the c-store is the center of it all. Partnering at this level is a powerful way for convenience retailers to lock•up a market and lock-out the competition" says Anton Bakker, CEO.

Outsite Networks introduced loyalty marketing to the c-store industry and remains the leading c•store loyalty provider, with over 4.5 million members, 1,500 participating sites from more than 100 convenience retail chains.

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