EchoSat SPG

Secure Payment Gateway
Transport high-speed POS and ATM transactions via standard broadband Internet connectivity

EchoSat SPG transports high-speed point-of-sale and ATM transactions via standard broadband Internet connectivity. EchoSat SPG is deployed nationally in branded and unbranded convenience stores delivering extremely fast EFT transactions, while breathing new life into existing POS equipment.

EchoSat’s PCI compliant network is proactively monitored 24/7 by an experienced team of network engineers and helpdesk technicians.

EchoSat SPG transports Business-Critical data from POS, ATMs, check verification machines and fuel tank monitors with exceptional Service, Speed and Reliability.

Essential SPG Features:

  • SECURE, High-Speed Transactions for C-Stores
  • Connects Business-Critical POS, ATMs, tank monitors and various other EFT devices
  • Automatic smart Dial Back Up included
  • 100% PCI Compliant Solution
  • Supports most processors, brands and POS systems
  • Economical flat-rate service

Stuck with slow dial-up? Can’t get DSL or Cable?

  • Ask us about our high-speed SurfBeam Internet Satellite options for SPG

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