BlueDEF diesel exhaust fluid

Old World Industries announced plans to distribute its BlueDEF™ brand of diesel exhaust fluid (DEF)

Old World Industries, a leading supplier of functional fluids, announced plans to distribute its BlueDEF™ brand of diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) to meet the demands of the North American commercial diesel vehicle industry beginning in 2010. The company's established supply network of 10 production locations and over 4,500 distribution points will enable truck stops, fleet operators, dealerships and truck manufacturers to maintain DEF inventory.

BlueDEF is a urea-based fluid that converts pollutant NOx into harmless nitrogen and water in selective catalytic reduction (SCR) emissions-control systems. It is required to help nearly all diesel-powered commercial vehicles meet new EPA standards taking effect in 2010.

"The challenge for the industry will be to maintain ample and uninterrupted supply as demand for DEF grows," said Old World's Kal Mahmood, senior vice president of commercial sales. "Our extensive supply chain offers an established distribution infrastructure."
Known for producing high quality products in multiple categories, Old World continues to expand its product offerings to meet the needs of the heavy-duty market. With functional fluids such as Final Charge coolant for heavy-duty diesel engines, PEAK Antifreeze and others, Old World Industries has been a trusted name in functional fluids for over 35 years.
"Few manufacturers have the opportunity to supply and distribute to so many diverse networks as we do," said Mahmood. "Our expertise and relationships across the heavy-duty market allows us to provide BlueDEF through an already established network."
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