Loss Prevention Kit for Ruby Terminal and Other POS

Loss Prevention Kit for Ruby Terminal and Other POS
Employee Theft Up Nearly 10%

Employee Theft Up Nearly 10%
Loss Prevention Kit for Ruby Terminal and Other POS

June 2011 National Retail Security Survey show that retail shrinkage in 2010 increased from 1.44% in 2009 to 1.58% of sales. That's nearly a 10% increase, the study notes that the largest cause of shrinkage, 43.7%, is employee theft.* 

Inexpensive Text Insertion technology is your primary weapon to spot this largest cause of lost profit.  With our technology integrating your Ruby terminal to your security video system, you can identify, document, and stop employee theft. And once an employee is confronted with evidence of theft, you may even enforce a schedule of restitution. Typically your Text Inserter will pay for itself, and more, within months--often within weeks! 

One customers' story,
Mr. P in Iowa: Cashier was ringing up groceries on the lottery account and then taking lottery tickers. Shortage was showing up in groceries but theft was of lottery tickets. Not any more!

Our kit for the Ruby terminal is so simple, many store owners install it themselves.   We've kits for other registers too. Call with your cash register make and model number at 866-543-8398. Say: CSPONLINE for free shipping. Visit VRX Company Inc. at: www.vrxinc.com

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