Benevolent Bones

Pet Products With A Purpose
Sold at Convenience Stores and Travel Centers Helps Support Returning US Military Veterans

Benevolent Bones pet products "Helps Heroes and Hounds one dog bone at a time" and aims at raising awareness to the invisible wounds of war.

The pet products industry has shown steady growth over the last decade and topped $50 Billion in sales in 2011. This combined with the increase in number of pet owners travelling with their pets makes Convenience and Travel centers the next logical outlet for pet product purchases. 

Town Pump headquartered in Butte Montana will be the first Convenience Store and Travel Center chain to pilot a "Pet Products with a Purpose" program from Benevolent Bones, a new organization based in Denver Colorado. 

Benevolent Bones was founded in late 2011 by Kim Battey and Katie Stowe.  When Battey and Stowe entered into the pet products market they did so with a purpose.  Kim Battey of Benevolent Bones explains: "Our intention was never to just sell dog bones, but rather we wanted to incorporate altruism into what we do.  We want to be able to help, and more importantly, bring awareness to the needs of our returning Soldiers and Veterans who suffer from invisible wounds. We believe it is our societal responsibility to help our soldiers and veterans who bravely served our country receive all of the tools necessary to transition back to civilian life.  So many good intentioned Americans have no idea the devastating effects of PTSD and TBI and just because many of our troops have returned home doesn’t mean they have left the battlefield.  Our Soldiers served America, now it’s time for America to serve our Soldiers ".

Benevolent Bones has partnered with a nonprofit foundation called Soldiers Best Friend based in Phoenix, AZ. Soldiers Best Friend is a foundation that trains and gifts service and therapeutic companion animals to returning Soldiers and Veterans afflicted with PTSD  (post-traumatic stress disorder) or TBI (traumatic brain injury).  According to a RAND survey conducted in 2008 over 300,000 returning troops suffer from PTSD and over 350,000 sustained a TBI while deployed. What differentiates Soldiers Best Friend from other similar organizations is their use of healthy shelter animals in their program. In essence, Soldiers Best Friend is helping both "hero and hound". 

As our troops return home the demand for mental health care has greatly increased and although the VA is doing all they can to help that is often not enough.  There are thousands of nonprofit organizations across the country trying to help our returning soldiers and veterans but most are in desperate need of funding. 

With almost 1000 customers a day going through a single Convenience Store or Travel Center Battey and Stowe felt targeting this market segment with their pet products would the best way to bring awareness to their cause.  “Customers who purchase one of our products can please their pooch and help a troop.  It’s a feel good buy all the way around”, says Stowe. 

Convenience Stores and Travel Centers selling Benevolent Bone products have an opportunity to make entre into a billion dollar a week industry and feel good about bringing attention to the needs of our returning heroes. 

Benevolent Bones will donate 25% of their net proceeds for 2012 to Soldiers Best Friend.  Battey and Stowe feel confident their contributions will help many a hero and hound and they hope to be able to support several similar foundations in the future.  

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