Lip Balm and Cough Drops

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Lil' Drug Store partners with Carmex and Ricola

Makers of Carmex Lip Balm and Ricola Cough Drops have enhanced national supply chain competencies to better cater to c-store retailers by partnering with Lil’ Drug Store Products. Carmex Lip Balm is available in 0.35-ounce tubes and 0.25-ounce jars, employing a formula with natural ingredients and clear, odorless mineral oil. Ricola Cough Drops feature natural Swiss herbs, making them a milder, naturally effective cough remedy. Popular flavors in the line include: Honey Lemon, Sugar Free Menthol, Lemon Honey with Echinacea and Cherry.

Company Details
Lil’ Drug Store Products Inc.
1201 Continental Place NE
Cedar Rapids