Colgate Wisp

Cool Mint Wisp with Whitening
Mini-brush with freshening bead for freshness on the go.

Colgate® Wisp™ is a mini-brush with freshening bead for freshness on the go. Designed for one-time use, its built-in freshening bead releases minty freshness for clean, cool breath—with no need for water. Colgate® Wisp™ comes in a two-count pack; just 3.5 inches long, the mini-brush is the ideal size for pocket or purse, for Just Brushed Clean. Anytime. Anywhere.

Merchandising opportunities will support incremental sales. Colgate® Wisp™ — in its convenient 12-count caddy—can be displayed not only at your checkout register, but in your foodservice area, coffee bar, near salty/sweet snacks, or any other area where fresh breath is a priority.

Now available at 7-Eleven, ExxonMobil, Circle K, Loaf n Jug, Plaid Pantry, Giant, Stripes, and Hess Stores.

Call Ron Hill at 404.519.9577, email at or visit for product information.

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Colgate-Palmolive Company