Pole-Mounted Windshield Service Center

Pole-Mounted Windshield Service Center
A Make-Over for Commercial Zone

Commercial Zone Product’s Pole-mounted Windshield Service Center has been a part of our line for over 25 years. This long time favorite is being redesigned and we are very excited about the transformation. We understand our customer’s ever-changing needs to provide an overall customer convenience facility. The newly designed Pole-mounted unit will have a sleek new design that is sure to enhance any image program. If you are looking to re-image your stations or c-stores, or you would like to update your existing units, we have the maintenance solutions for you.

DCI Marketing’s Commercial Zone Products has been adding value to Petroleum Industries’ Image Programs and C-stores for many years. We are a leading manufacturer of maintenance accessory items such as waste containers, planters, windshield service centers, island convenience centers, and the popular Smokers’ Outpost® line. DCI Marketing’s expertise in marketing and our design capabilities can create the overall retail environment that your customers will come back to. We want to work with you to create an overall customer experience that stands out from the rest.

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