Krispy Shrimp and Cajun Fish

Breaded proteins
Krispy Shrimp and Cajun Fish feature brand’s pre-breaded recipe
New from Krispy Krunchy is Krispy Shrimp pre-breaded using the supplier’s signature breading recipe. Cooking in three minutes at 350 degrees, it has a one-hour holding time, with 8-piece and 10-piece order sizes with fries and a biscuit. The 2.2-ounces Cajun Fish is also pre-breaded with a six-minute cook time at 350 degrees and a one-hour holding time. The company recommends offering the Cajun Fish as a 3-piece meal with fries and a biscuit. Also available is a Seafood Platter consisting of both Krispy Shrimp and Cajun Fish. 
Company Details
Krispy Krunchy Foods LLC
1615 Harris St.