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Reward yourself

Reward yourself.

Everybody loves a reward for doing things they enjoy. And that’s exactly what HOT POCKETS® brand is offering this summer. We’re going to reward your customers with HOT POCKETS® brand gear just for coming to your store and buying tasty HOT POCKETS® stuffed sandwiches. We’ll take care of getting the word out—all you have to do is stock up.

Plus, while they’re earning rewards, you will too. For every 3 cases of HOT POCKETS® brand stuffed sandwiches you purchase between May 1 and August 31, 2012, you’ll receive HOT POCKETS® brand gear to give to your employees! So, you stock up, they buy, they’re rewarded, you’re rewarded. It’s a wonderful thing.

Offer ends 8/31/12. Max 100 HOT POCKETS® brand gear rewards per operator. For full details, call your HOT POCKETS® sales rep at 1-800-288-8682, or visit

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