EZ Grill

Grill Anytime....Anywhere!

EZ Grill, the only all natural solution for mess-free, portable, disposable grilling, is available in stores nationwide and online.

The ideal convenience item for tailgating, summer road trips, outdoor adventures, emergency preparedness kits and on-the-go entertainment, these instant, ready-to-use grills come with everything you need, including EZ Light charcoal.  
The all natural charcoal dipped in high-end mineral oil gives a more natural flavor without the additives, chemicals, fillers and lighter fluid associated with traditional charcoal briquettes.

The EZ Grill, available in Regular size (1.81 lbs) and Party size (3.31 lbs), lights with just one match and consistently cooks for at least 1.5 hours post ignition to ensure superior grilling quality and flavor. 

 To request more information on the EZ Grill, including hi-res images, local retailers, or product samples, please contact info@ezgrill.com

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EZ Grill
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