WhipTopper Express Kit

WhipTopper Express Kit
Buy 10 kits and get the 11th free

Austin, Texas. EIEIO™ is offering a ‘10% free’ promotion on WhipTopper™ Express Kit orders of 10 or more. Buy 10 kits and get the 11th free. The WhipTopper™ Express System is our popular whipped topping dispenser with attractive display unit. Use with either our REAL dairy or non-dairy aseptically packaged whip topping that arrives fresh- never frozen. In addition, the kit includes Drizzles, Sprinkles, and Cookie Crumbs. Let your customers create the custom treats they are looking for at a better price point then the gourmet coffee houses. “Our kit is the best system, offers the lowest cost per serving, and it’s what customers are looking for,” said Gus Pasquini, National C-store sales representative for EIEIO™.

EIEIO™ is a leading manufacturer of aseptically packaged foods and innovative dispensers. visit http://www.eieio-inc.com/index.php?a=whip_topper

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