Curtis Gold Cup Brewer

The New Curtis Gold Cup Brewer...
Perfect Coffee, One Cup At A Time

Introducing the Curtis Gold Cup Brewer, the best single cup brewer on the market that brews a perfect cup of coffee, every time. State-of-the-art components and revolutionary
G4 technology set this remarkable brewer apart from every other single cup machine in the industry. Besides its ability to extract impeccably perfect cups of coffee, it’s the one single cup machine that brews American style, drip filtered coffee. Consistently reliable and priced to fit in any foodservice environment, the Curtis Gold Cup Brewer is a true “open source” machine so either grounds or pillow packs can be used to create a profitable coffee program.
Brewing to the SCAA’s “Golden Cup” standards, the Curtis Gold Cup Brewer gives operators precise control over crucial variables that result in brewing a true SCAA standard, Golden Cup of coffee. The Curtis Gold Cup gives premium coffee the credibility it deserves, and it provides consumers the ultimate coffee experience.
Powerful G4 digital controls bring accelerated functionality to the Curtis Gold Cup through an instinctive touch screen and icon-driven interface that provides users with enhanced programming options and seamless operation. Quick navigation to temperature, timers, pre-infusion, pulsing and more allow for finely tuned, exacting programing. Built-in, self-diagnostics provide preventative maintenance recommendations to ensure consistent, reliable performance. Simply put, the Gold Cup’s G4 component intelligence offers brewing science at its best.
Unique features define the beauty of the Curtis Gold Cup. The patented brew cone’s uniform ridges gently hold the filter away from the cone sides and bottom to allow for optimum extraction. Siphon technology provides a truer pre-infusion by allowing the coffee to hydrate and bloom to the fullest.
A leader in the foodservice industry for over 70 years, the Wilbur Curtis Company is a premier manufacturer of state-of-the-art coffee and tea brewing equipment, including the world-renowned Gemini® Brewing Systems and Primo Cappuccino™ machines. For more information, please contact the Wilbur Curtis Company, Inc. 6913 Acco Street, Montebello, CA 90640. Toll-free: 800/421-6150.

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