Athena Water

Athena Water
Invites Everyone to Join the Fight Against Breast Cancer

Athena is generating funds for breast cancer awareness, education and research with a simple bottle of water.  Consumers can support the fight against breast cancer all year long by purchasing 24-pack cases of Athena water.

Athena is named for the mythical Greek goddess who symbolizes purity, wisdom and strength. These qualities describe everyone who fights cancer; especially breast cancer survivor Trish May.  May’s treatment and recovery inspired an idea – and in 2003, she founded Athena Partners based on the vision that one person can make a difference with a single bottle of pure water.

DS Waters of America, Inc. purchased the Athena brand last year and will continue to support the mission began by May. A minimum of $1 million related to the sale of Athena will go to support breast cancer awareness, education and research by 2014.

“We know that Americans want to purchase products that support a cause,” says CEO Dillon Schickli. “Athena gives everyone the chance to make a difference, with every bottle of water.”

Twenty-four pack single serve cases of 16.9 ounce or 1 liter bottled Athena water are available in 41 states through various retail outlets. For more information, visit

For inquiries regarding Athena pricing and availability, please contact Larry Yost, For more information about how Athena is supporting the fight against breast cancer, contact Elizabeth Webb,

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