The convenience top 101

The convenience top 101: 


Foodservice Leaders

Food is a focus for many of the industry’s c-store retailers, but some operators have had a huge head start. Here are operators who have led the pack, followed by their signature offer.

Casey's General StoresPizza
Susser Holdings Corp., dba StripesTacos
Nice N Easy Grocery ShoppesReady-made take-home food
Ricker Oil Co, dba Ricker'sBurritos
CST Brands Inc.Whoopie pies
Maverik Inc.The Beast
Rutter's Farm StoresStir-fry
Sheetz Inc.Beer-battered fish
4 million
In 2012, San Antonio-based CST Brands’ Corner Store sold more than 4 million kolaches and 1.3 million whoopie pies from its nearly 1,900 sites.
1,600 calories
Served up at North Salt Lake City, Utah-based Maverik’s 264 sites, The Beast includes ham, sausage, bacon, eggs, cheese, hash browns and maple spread, sandwiched between a sliced glazed long john.
Ricker’s ¡AhhBurritos! food truck will serve various street locations throughout central Indiana, where the Anderson, Ind.-based chain operates all of its 50 stores. Menu items will include several customizable options such as burritos, quesadillas, salads and nachos with plenty of toppings.