The latest scuttlebutt, rumors & fun in the convenience store industry

J.N. and S.P., forgive our hand-cleaning blunder. It was a test—really!

BR hears a bar company and an energy drink are talking about a collaboration.

Joe Miller, Kathy Miller (center) and Nancy Couch of Maverik dressed for the part at PDI’s Great Gatsby party during its users conference.

Are portals a “necessary evil” for eB2B? E.S. seems to think so.

A Midwest chain is seeing 50-cup averages with self-serve, barista-style coffees.

BR hears one travel-center chain has no intention on slowing its acquisitions anytime soon.

J.C., we’re getting you a copy of “The Little Prince” for your next birthday.

A.W., thanks for the wine and the delightful conversation. Bring on the bear!

J.B., 26.2 Chicago miles is nothing to sneeze at. Look out, L.A.!

Getting lean led to operating better and more cohesively, according to one Texas retailer.

Back Rumor Snapshot

Joe Miller (left), Kathy Miller (center) and Nancy Couch (right)

Schultz Hartgrove of Naughty Chile Taqueria/Tres Picosos (right) and former Poison frontman Bret Michaels bonded at The Party at NACS at the Hard Rock.