The latest scuttlebutt, rumors & fun in the convenience store industry

A company that gives its highest-performing general manager a Porsche?! How does BR get a foot in the door?

Prepaid cards and cyberbullying make for a bad mix with c-store staff.

Watch for "nectar collectors" as a new tool for vaping, says D.T.

A Southeast chain is working on a tasty new foodservice program.

BR hears a Midwest chain just got a new CFO. Welcome to the industry, E.L.

Congrats to Christina M. on her new bundle of joy!

BR hears a Southwest chain is looking into offering delivery service. We expect to hear more soon!

A former oil company man may be doing some association work soon.

A big travel-center chain is having a whirlwind moment of chain growth.

Could a certain Mid-Atlantic retailer soon become the next major M&A specialist?

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