The latest scuttlebutt, rumors & fun in the convenience store industry

Prepaid cards and cyberbullying make for a bad mix with c-store staff.

One consultancy is testing ways to measure “emotional loyalty” beyond people making recommendations to others.

A recent fraud story from a southern retailer has a cashier being conned into using register cash to buy prepaid credit cards. As they say, there’s one born every minute.

BR hears the newest food catchphrase is “We are what we ate”—as in past tense.

The key to success with home delivery is making money off it, says M.L.

One executive’s lament: Saying “I’ve been eating food all my life” does not make you an expert in foodservice.

While beverage category managers often ask, “What’s the next energy drink?” foodservice menu developers are asking, “What’s the next sriracha?”

A California 7-Eleven franchisee—one who remembers heating hot dogs in water—is excited about the company’s ongoing moves toward hot food offers.

BR hears there’s now a good reason to visit Home Depot’s Fuel convenience stores on a “daily” basis. 

BR hears a Louisiana retailer is undergoing some serious remodeling as it brings more foodservice to its stores. Can’t wait to try the new menu!

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