The latest scuttlebutt, rumors & fun in the convenience store industry

I.G., kudos on the new job! Any opportunity to work with you more is good in our book!

Was that “Danny Boy” coming from a pub in the wee hours at Outlook? BR suspects a certain A.M. belting it out.

BR is definitely taking some style tips from G.B.

Congrats on striking out on your own, K.S.

M.F., you are right: There is no such thing as a boat cruise that’s too long.

BR hears G.M. is always ready for an impromptu improv session. Emote on!

E.F., we hope that premium vodka treats you well.

A big Northeast chain is working on mobile food-ordering and home delivery, insiders say.

BR hears pizza sold by the slice is making a dramatic comeback in c-stores.

A neck brace couldn’t keep Richard Brown of Patriot from taking a few laps in a simulated car at Growth Energy’s booth at Outlook Leadership.

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