The latest scuttlebutt, rumors & fun in the convenience store industry

R.R. is giving up on walking that big trade-show floor after 30 years. BR’s feet envy you!

A well-known Northeast chain is testing mobile ordering.

… The Professor and Mary Ann? We hear Mike Zielinski took a three-hour tour with Dawn Wells, who played Mary Ann on “Gilligan’s Island.” Glad to see you got to shore unscathed!

Ever notice that you can’t find pictures of Miss America with wine? Turns out there’s a rule about that, as attendees at the recent Speedway Miracle Tournament learned.

BR hears a well-known industry supplier is working with a well-known music power couple.

Staff at a recently acquired chain are now able to work with bigger budgets, BR hears.

A big coffee chain is testing “predictive ordering” that pushes an “ask” out to customers if they want their regular 8 a.m. cup, BR hears.

Look for a big tobacco company to come out with a mobile-couponing plan soon.

Sight seen (and not soon forgotten): Capt. Sig Hansen singing Bon Jovi’s “Dead or Alive” with country-music star Matt Stillwell. Only at a CSP event!

BR hears a tropical isle may not be the best place for revamping a c-store.

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