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SP Daily News is not just another daily news source—it's THE daily news source for the latest information and highlights that affect your convenience and petroleum retailing business.CSP Daily News is the industry's only award-winning e-newsletter and has by far the largest circulation and impressions per month reaching 34,000 subscribers every business day. It is the industry's first daily news with graphics, daily interactive polling, categories and a mobile app. CSP Daily News the industry's most focused daily news source.

Launching late February 2013, a first-of-its-kind, product-focused e-newsletter to fill the void of getting c-store retailers quality product information they desire. Distributed to an estimated 40,000 c-store category buyers, decision makers and wholesalers/distributors, the e-newsletter will go beyond just new products and will engage buyers with editorial coverage on the breadth and depth of the product's lifecycle including innovations, perspectives, emerging customer preferences and whether a given trend is waxing or waning

In 2011, CSP and NATO joined forces to produce Tobacco E-News, the premier e-newsletter for tobacco retailers. With more than 144,000 convenience stores and an additional 14,000 tobacco outlets in the U.S., the CSP/NATO partnership is committed to deliver much needed and unmatched insight into tobacco retailing. Whether it's legislative insight, retailer and consumer trends, taxes, best practices or new products and opportunities, Tobacco E-News will be at the forefront of the industry.