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April 2015

04/14/2015 to 04/16/2015

Chicago, Illinois

The NACS State of the Industry Summit is the leading financial, operational and consumer view of the convenience store industry from a metrics and strategic review. The summit offers a first look at the numbers from a retailer's perspective coupled with expert commentary on what all the numbers mean. All aspects of the economy, from the energy markets to the banking industry, as well as overall economic health will be evaluated from the perspective of the convenience store industry.

04/21/2015 to 04/23/2015

Las Vegas, Nevada

As long as tobacco continues to remain a key contributor to profitability, convenience stores will continue to look to NATO for up-to-date and actionable information. For 14 years the National Association of Tobacco Outlets (NATO) has been helping retailers, manufacturers and wholesalers comprehend changes in legislation and regulations affecting tobacco.

May 2015

May 05 2015 to May 08 2015
Amelia Island, Florida

June 2015

06/22/2015 to 06/24/2015

Nashville, Tennessee

Foodservice everywhere is evolving! Consumers today demand high-quality fresh, fast and portable food. And they're finding it everywhere food is sold—traditional restaurants and within non-traditional venues, via both commercial and non-commercial operations. Just as consumers don't segment their foodservice decisions by channel, the industry must benchmark, learn and network outside the proverbial box of their own channel. Everyone is competing for the same foodservice dollar, and everyone can gain insight from across the aisle.

August 2015

08/04/2015 to 08/06/2015

Chicago, Illinois

Continuing legislative and FDA ruling interpretation, analysis of key business indicators and insights into changes in product usage are necessities for today’s tobacco and OTP category managers. Current analysis, as well as access to industry expertise with ideas on what to expect in the future, is available to all who attend CSP’s Total Nicotine Forum. The event, previously called Tobacco Category Review, has been renovated to reflect changes by the consumer and innovation by tobacco and OTP manufacturers.

November 2015

November 09 2015 to November 11 2015
Boston, Massachusetts

January 2016

January 24 2016 to January 27 2016
Big Sky, Montana