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April 2014

Driving Impulse Sales

04/29/2014 to 04/30/2014

Chicago, Illinois

Leveraging the shopper’s impulsiveness can mean sales opportunities for the keen convenience store merchandiser. So what drives an impulse sale in our channel? It is the strategic placement of all those new items and making the most of every inch of limited display space. It involves providing the SKUs most likely to catch an impulse purchase, along with marketing your store as the place for filling needs your shopper doesn’t even know they have!

May 2014

Leadership & Crisis Prevention Forum

05/14/2014 to 05/16/2014

Nashville, Tennessee

Increasingly, our industry is dealing with threats to our business, with the potential liability falling back on the retailer. This is the ONLY industry program at which attendees tackle the increasingly critical tenets of preparedness, response and recovery that will protect a company’s core assets: its people, reputation, brand and finances.

June 2014

FARE: A Foodservice Evolution

06/16/2014 to 06/18/2014

Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas

Foodservice everywhere is evolving! Consumers today demand high-quality fresh, fast and portable food. And they're finding it everywhere food is sold—traditional restaurants and within non-traditional venues, via both commercial and non-commercial operations. Just as consumers don't segment their foodservice decisions by channel, the industry must benchmark, learn and network outside the proverbial box of their own channel. Everyone is competing for the same foodservice dollar, and everyone can gain insight from across the aisle.

August 2014

Tobacco Category Review Meeting

08/05/2014 to 08/06/2014

Chicago, Illinois

Today’s retailer needs ongoing legislative interpretation, analysis of key business indicators and insights into the changes in tobacco and OTP usage, which can be found only at the CSP Tobacco Category Review Meeting. If the changing consumer demands innovation, tobacconists need to incorporate new SKUs but remain responsive to the core, loyal smoker, all while retaining FDA compliance.

Prepaid, Financial Services and Mobile Wallet Forum

08/20/2014 to 08/21/2014

Las Vegas, Nevada

Prepaid and financial services represent a robust business in c-stores. But the arena is changing rapidly. It seems that we read about a revolutionary new mobile payment system every day. Separating the rhetoric from reality can be daunting for operators. What is the future of payment, loyalty, financial services and prepaid products? CSP’s 10th annual Prepaid, Financial Services & Mobile Wallet Forum is an event focused on telecommunications, financial services, stored-value (prepaid) products and mobile smartphone platform integration.

October 2014

Cold Vault Summit

10/28/2014 to 10/30/2014

Chicago, Illinois

Consumers enjoy an abundance of choices when it comes to satisfying the thirst occasion. How do c-store retailers know what to feature in the confines of the cold vault? Maintaining a relevant SKU assortment requires knowledge of consumer preference shifts, impending introduction of new items and analysis of key economic indicators that influence every purchase. CSP’s Cold Vault Summit provides critical data to help determine what the cold vault needs to look like to maximize rings and meet shoppers’ changing needs.

November 2014

Outlook Leadership

11/16/2014 to 11/19/2014

Scottsdale, Arizona

Leading the workforce of tomorrow is different. All research today points to younger generations who yearn for leaders who give back, care about people and foster collaboration. They desire authentic leadership.

These principals are found in the management philosophy of servant leadership.

December 2014

Shopper Insights & Engagement Forum

12/02/2014 to 12/04/2014

Phoenix, Arizona

Still believing retailers and product manufacturers dictate what shoppers buy is old-school thinking. Throw those antiquated tapes away and enter the world of digital and social media, where customers compare price and shopping experiences with each other. Let’s face it—the customer is in control. Shopper-centric organizations will leap ahead of the competition as consumers are attracted to more relevant merchants appealing to and winning their emotions. The more we understand the changing needs of the shopper, the more likely we are to capture his or her loyalty.

February 2015

Convenience Retailing University

02/04/2015 to 02/06/2015

Dallas, Texas

Every business must find ways to drive revenue and growth. Whether via team development, optimizing business practices or building shopper loyalty, growth must be achieved year over year. Dependent upon the lifecycle of a business, focused efforts will fall within different arenas, from positioning to people to products and promotion. Conveninence Retailing University delivers, in one location, a learning environment fostering insights and answers.

March 2015

MenuDirections Conference

03/01/2015 to 03/03/2015

Memphis, Tennessee

All non-commercial foodservice operators are invited to this exclusive CSP Foodservice Group event. Take a culinary journey to Memphis, as we examine the world's influence on our own cuisine along with a focus on healthy cooking. It's an opportunity to discover the tools that will make your operations more successful and profitable.