Cold Vault Summit

October 28 - 30, 2015 | Chicago, IL

Consumers enjoy an abundance of choices when it comes to satisfying the thirst occasion. How do c-store retailers know what to feature in the confines of the cold vault? Maintaining a relevant SKU assortment requires knowledge of consumer preference shifts, impending introduction of new items and analysis of key economic indicators that influence every purchase. CSP’s Cold Vault Summit provides critical data to help determine what the cold vault needs to look like to maximize rings and meet shoppers’ changing needs. This unique industry event—the only summit completely dedicated to managing the convenience store’s cold vault real estate—ensures retailers have the information necessary to make cold, hard, fact-based decisions.

Event Details:

Event Date:  October 28 2015 to October 30 2015
Event Location:  Chicago Marriott O'Hare Chicago, IL
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Jim Bursch 630-528-9224
Mark Hatch 480-337-3419