A Look at 2013 Tobacco-Related Legislation

Published in Tobacco E-News

By  Thomas A. Briant, Executive Director

With almost every state legislature that will meet this year having convened their respective 2013 state legislative session, below is a summary of the kinds of different tobacco-related legislation introduced this year across the country.

Cigarette and Tobacco Product Tax Increase Bills: Twenty-one states have introduced bills to either raise or reduce the state cigarette tax and/or the tobacco product excise tax. The table below indicates with an “x” those states that have introduced a bill to raise cigarette taxes or tobacco product taxes.

Increase the Legal Age to Purchase Bills: Two states have introduced bills to raise the legal age to purchase tobacco products. These states and the proposed minimum ages are as follows:

Electronic Cigarette Bills: 12 states have introduced bills to either prohibit the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors, tax electronic cigarettes, or include electronic cigarettes under the definition of “tobacco products” for purposes of state smoking restriction laws. These states and the legislative proposals are as follows: