Ecount re-introduces Fuel Prepaid Visa Card

Published in CSP Daily News

CONSHOHOCKEN, Pa. -- Stored-value company Ecount said it has re-introduced its Fuel Prepaid Visa Card.

The average price for one gallon of gasoline is currently more than $3, with some regions seeing prices near $4, said Matt Gillin, CEO of Ecount. Never before have employees and consumers so desperately wanted help at the pump. We originally launched our Fuel Card product last summer when gas prices peaked. Now, with current market conditions, we have seen a tremendous spike in demand for the program and are re-introducing it to the marketplace.

At current gas prices, Ecount estimates that consumers will spend a minimum average of $1,850 on fuel for the year.

The Fuel Prepaid Visa Card is intended for companies looking to motivate consumers and reward employees, Ecount said. The Fuel Card is customizable, available in any denomination over $25, and can be used to make purchases at any gasoline retailer or other merchant that accepts Visa debit cards.

All Ecount programs are available with comprehensive and customized communications, including website, email and marketing materials.

People are clamoring for relief from rising gasoline prices, and smart marketers are maximizing this opportunity, said Gillin. Companies have seen up to 40% lift in program participation and significantly increased brand exposure, he claimed.

Conshohocken, Pa.-based Ecount provides customized stored-value programs for corporations, agencies and individuals looking for a way to deliver or receive electronic payments. With products ranging from incentives to compensation to specialized rewards, Ecount offers comprehensive programs to corporations looking to influence and motivate consumers, employees and customers. Ecount's proprietary technology enables complete communication and brand extension coupled with a secure payment vehicle.