MacNeil Introduces Quad Pak Configuration

Provides double the cleaning power in a compact area

Published in CSP Daily News

BARRIE, Ontario -- MacNeil Wash Systems released its new Quad Pack RS701/RS400 Combo Wrap, a unique configuration that places MacNeil’s RS-400 Low Side Washer beneath the Long-Arm RS-701 Superflex Wrap-Around brush.

Easily installed into new or existing sites, this Quad Pack doubles the cleaning power into a smaller, more compact area saving operators valuable tunnel space, according to the company. It is available with the 22-, 30- or 45-inch RS-401 brush models to suit every tunnel.

“The Quad Pack has been a great addition to clean the corner panels of the car, and underneath the mirrors. It is really one of the best features that we added to it [the car wash], besides adding the Wheel Boss,” said owner and operator Glen Sheeley of Sheeley’s Car Wash in Walden, N.Y. “To achieve the maximum benefit, we moved the flex wraps back a little bit, mounted them underneath and life has been good ever since. It was exactly what we need in the same footprint we already had.”

For more than 30 years, MacNeil Wash Systems has provided car-wash equipment to the tunnel car-wash industry, automotive dealers, fleet and rental markets.