Fruits of Their Labor

7-Eleven encourages its franchisees to add more fruits and vegetables

Published in CSP Daily News

SAN FRANCISCO -- 7-Eleven Inc. has seen the future, and it is no longer just six-packs, snuff and Slim Jims, said the San Francisco Chronicle. It is also sliced carrots and bananas.

The public perception is that you go to a 7-Eleven and grab beer, cigarettes and a lottery ticket. That's not all we're about, said CEO Joe DePinto, presiding recently over 7-Eleven University, a daylong workshop in San Francisco for Northern California 7-Eleven owners. DePinto became the top dog at Dallas-based 7-Eleven after Seven-Eleven Japan bought out the previously [image-nocss] public company in November.

The exhibit floor at Moscone Center had been transformed into a giant 7-Eleven, said the report. The idea was to persuade franchise owners to get with the fruit-and-veggie program. On the shelves were apples, pears and other high-concept items, at least for a 7-Eleven.

But the convenience store chain will never stop selling beer and Slim Jims, DePinto said. Another staple destined to live forever is the Slurpee. The chain is introducing new flavors of the frozen soft drink this year, including mango melon, blue raspberry and sugar-free raspberry lemonade, the report said.

On the convention floor, the newspaper said, were signs full of more good advice. Store owners were advised to stock all 10 varieties of Trojan condoms the chain offers, to position the most popular ice cream flavors directly opposite the freezer door handle, and to keep lots of candy by the register.

Carrots are being sliced and then packaged in plastic cups that fit into automobile cupholders.