Starbucks Reusable Cups Catching On?

Seven out of 10 respondents believe it's a good idea

Published in CSP Daily News

SEATTLE -- More than a quarter of Americans surveyed (28%) have already bought or plan on purchasing one of Starbucks' new $1 reusable coffee tumblers aimed at cutting down on paper cup waste, according to a YouGov Omnibus survey taken Jan. 4-6, 2013.

Irrespective of whether they would purchase a cup, seven out of 10 respondents believed it was a good idea, with four out of 10 saying it was a "very good idea."

The new cup appears to be a hit even with noncustomers, as 12% of non-Starbucks customers aim to purchase one.

More than half of the respondents (57%) probably or definitely will not be purchasing a reusable cup.

As an incentive to go green, customers that use the cup receive a 10-cent discount on each drink.

Starbucks' goal is to have 5% of its cups reusable by 2015.

Although 38% of the respondents thought that Starbucks should be applauded for its attempts to go green and 23% think it is generally an ethical company, a minority of respondents were skeptical; 13% wondered if it is was a publicity stunt.

Two-thirds (66%) of the respondents have not heard of Starbucks' cup offer.