Motorists Rank Candy Bars, Fries Best Foods to Eat While Driving

Hold the soup, spaghetti, says

Published in CSP Daily News

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Survey respondents also rated each food for driving-friendly attributes. Here are the top- and lowest-scoring foods for each category:

One-handed food

Best: Candy bar. Worst: Pizza.

Nondrippy food

Best: French fries. Worst: Ice cream cone.

Tasty food

Best: Candy bar. Worst: Taco.

Filling food

Best: Burrito. Worst: Ice cream cone.

Does not leave lingering smell in car

Best: Candy bar. Worst: Taco.

There is more agreement on the worst food to eat while driving: Soup. Among five choices of sloppy eats, the liquid meal was chosen as the worst food to eat while driving by more than a third of respondents.

Worst food to eat while driving

  1. Soup: 39%
  2. Spaghetti: 28%
  3. Ribs: 19%
  4. Salad: 4%
  5. Nachos: 4%

Best place for car food among large chains

  1. McDonald's: 31%
  2. Dunkin' Donuts: 11%
  3. Wendy's: 7%
  4. Other: 7%
  5. Starbucks: 7%
  6. Burger King: 6%
  7. Sonic Drive-In: 5%
  8. Chick-fil-A: 5%
  9. Taco Bell: 4%
  10. Subway: 3%
  11. Jack in the Box: 2%
  12. Dairy Queen: 2%
  13. KFC: 2%
  14. Arby's: 2%
  15. Panera Bread: 2%
  16. Pizza Hut: 1%
  17. Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen: 1%
  18. Domino's Pizza: 1%
  19. Chipotle Mexican Grill: 1%
  20. Papa John's: 1%
  21. Hardee's: 0% surveyed 1,500 licensed drivers age 25 and older. Respondents were split evenly between males and females and distributed across age groups in line with U.S. Census age data. The online-panel survey was fielded in July 2013.

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