GACS Tobacco Message: 'It's Not a Game'

Published in CSP Daily News

Association's poster helps get word out on Ga. law

SNELLVILLE, Ga. -- A new Georgia law went into effect on July 1 that makes it clear to those who are under age and attempt to purchase tobacco products that it is against the law.

Georgia retailers sought the change in the current law, which was unclear on this issue and caused confusion within various law enforcement jurisdictions, said the Georgia Association of Convenience Stores (GACS). The group sought to remedy this problem by supporting an amendment to legislation already moving through the state legislature that made the underage attempt to purchase [image-nocss] tobacco products a violation.

To help communicate this message to customers, GACS has produced retailer point-of-sale (POS) materials based on the message It's Not a Game.

GACS chairman Chuck Hancock of Jet Food Stores, Sandesville, Ga., said, We are anxious to get the word out on the change in Georgia's law. In most underage age situations, the only person who is knowingly breaking the law is the person who knows that they are underage, but still attempts to purchase. We want them to know that attempting to make such purchases is not a game and now has consequences in Georgia.