Speeding Ahead

Published in CSP Daily News

Speedway SuperAmerica offering loyalty card program

SPRINGFIELD, Ohio --Early last fall, Speedway SuperAmerica LLC soft launched its Speedy Rewards loyalty card program at all Speedway & SuperAmerica stations. Customers who sign up for the program earn points toward free merchandise by making gasoline and select in-store purchases.

We were low profiling it, company spokesperson Linda Casey told CSP Daily News. We started the program a little at a time last fall, and it is fully implemented now. The under-the-radar launch offered a competitive advantage, she added.

Customers [image-nocss] receive 10 points per dollar spent, excluding restricted items such as tobacco, alcohol, lottery, money orders, gift cards, fuel cards and in-store restaurant purchases. Customers can also win bonus Gold Star Bonus Points. Speedway SuperAmerica is currently offering a 500-point enrollment bonus, according to its website, www.speedway.com.

Points can be redeemed instantly using the Speedy Rewards terminal in the store. Customers scan the membership card at the terminal and touch the Redeem Points button. They select a reward, and the terminal prints a coupon for it.

Here is an example of rewards points needed (complete details are available on the Springfield, Ohio-based company's website):


10 cents per gallon discount: 1,750 25 cents per gallon discount: 4,750 50 cents per gallon discount: 9,000 $1 per gallon discount: 16,000 Free gas fillup (25 gallons maximum): 25,000

Food and drink:

Two regular hot dogs: 750 32-oz. fountain drink: 750 20-oz. Enon Springs water: 750 Reese's Peanut Butter Cup king size: 750 Two-pack Kellogg's Pop Tarts: 750 2-liter Coca-Cola: 1,250 2-liter 7UP: 1,250 Brach's 6-oz. to 7-oz. chocolate peg bag: 1,250 Powerbar PROTEINplus bar: 1,750 20-oz. Pepsi and Super Grab Frito Lay chips: 2,000 One gallon of milk: 2,500 Dining for two at Applebee's ($40 value): 37,500


Mini Bic lighter: 750 One gallon of windshield washer fluid: 1,750 20-oz. coffee travel mug with fill: 1,750 Speedy Wash Express car wash: 3,500 Speedy Wash The Works car wash: 4,500 45-minute AT&T phone card: 4,500 Konica disposable camera: 10,000 300-minute AT&T phone card: 15,000 Nokia TracFone: 37,500

Customers who use their Speedy Rewards card automatically become a member of the Coffee Club (7th cup is free), Fountain Club (7th cup is free), Jumbo Specialty Dog Club (4th hot dog is free), Coca-Cola Club (11th 20-oz. cola is free), Dasani Water Club (11th 20-oz. water is free), Seven-UP/Dr Pepper Club (11th 20-oz. beverage is free) and Enon Springs Club (11th liter is free), Car Wash Club (6th wash is free).