Fruits of Labor

Published in CSP Daily News

Nearly 50% of poll respondents stock fruit

OAK BROOK, Ill. -- Almost half of the convenience store retailers who responded to a series of CSP Daily News polls are cashing in on the nationwide trend toward healthy eating by stocking fruit in their stores.

Following a report from The NPD Group stating that kids ages 2 to 12 prefer fruit as a snack over candy, gum or salty snacks, CSP Daily News inquired about how many of its readers are selling fruit. Turns out 49% stock either whole, fresh fruit (30%), prepackaged fruit (2%) or both (17%).

The manners in which those retailers [image-nocss] receive delivery of their fruit vary greatly. According to the results of a follow-up poll, the largest portion of respondents (31%) receives their fruit from their regular suppliers, while another 30% go through a designated wholesaler.

In addition, 18% use self-distribution methods to stock fruit, and 4% get their product direct from a farm. Seventeen percent of respondents said other or I'm not sure.

So what's the hot seller in c-stores when it comes to selling whole fruit? Almost two-thirds of respondents (64%) said bananas were their best-sellers, while Apples topped the bill for almost 25%. Two percent or fewer respondents said oranges or limes (Thank you, Corona!) were their sop-selling fruits. No one chose lemons, and 7% said other or I'm not sure.

Finally, we asked how many units of whole fruit retailers were selling each day per store. Forty-three percent said 19 or fewer pieces were being sold each day. Twelve percent were in the 20s, 10% were in the 30s, 2% were in the 40s, and 6% were breaking the 50-or-more barrier.

The above results were collected over four days of polling earlier this month. The results are based on between 83 and 165 responses per question.