Shocking Deal

Published in CSP Daily News

S&D to be sole roaster for hyper-caffeinated Shock Coffee

NEW YORK -- Shock Coffee, the hyper-caffeinated coffee containing more than 50% more caffeine than other gourmet coffees, recently announced that S&D Coffee Inc. will be a distributor and exclusive roaster for the growing brand.

S&D Coffee offers a full line of coffees, specialty coffees, teas and juices to a customer base of restaurants, hotels, convenience stores, hospitals and offices. Starting in February, Shock Coffee began expanding S&D Coffee's offerings with its ground or whole bean, hyper-caffeinated coffee; ready-to-drink chilled [image-nocss] coffee beverages; Shock Triple Latte and Shock Triple Mocha; and Shock-a-Lots, its chocolate-covered, hyper-caffeinated coffee bean candy.

To keep up with the demand, the company said, Shock Coffee is now going to be roasted exclusively by S&D Coffee, a company with a rich history of brewing coffee and eight decades of the experience. Shock Coffee is comprised of all-natural, high-quality beans that are selected for a combination of taste and caffeine content. The blend was created over a long testing period with their roast specifications a tightly guarded secret.

S&D Coffee has coffee, tea and juice product lines featured in a variety of venues across the United States. The company employs more than 800 workers nationwide. The S&D Coffee business model has the company working primarily through customer-approved national distributors, while maintaining its traditional route business. S&D Coffee supplies, repairs and refurbishes its own brewing equipment; trains customers in the preparation and presentation of the product; and maintains a 24-hour toll-free help line that is staffed by live operators.

New York City-based Shock Coffee's products are currently distributed in more than 30 states. Its catchphrase is Sleep Is Overrated.