Clark Introduces Four Corners Coffee

Published in CSP Daily News

Announced branding agreement with White Wave Foods

NAPERVILLE, Ill. -- Clark Brands LLC has rolled out its Four Corners Coffee The Coffee Brand for Independents. The Four Corners Coffee program features a full line coffee presentation that includes the coffee at good prices, a high-end store image, high-quality graphic cups, point-of-purchase materials and branded condiments.

The Four Corners Coffee Program, currently up and running in five Clark-branded convenience stores, was designed with independent retailers in mind. The program features fresh coffees roasted by Hubbard & Cravens, a specialty [image-nocss] roaster based in Indianapolis, along with cappuccino, Tazo teas and flavored coffees.

We couldn't be more excited about Four Corners Coffee. Our program offers competitive pricing and a low cost of entry, making it attractive to today's independent marketers and dealers, said Karl Goodhouse, president of Clark Brands, Naperville. We intend to offer Four Corners Coffee to all retailers, regardless of their brand.

The Four Corners Coffee program includes a store image, premium cups with superior graphics, dome lids and branded sugars and creamers. Point-of-purchase materials designed to promote Four Corners Coffee to customers at the pump and inside the store are also included. The offering is rounded out with coffee equipment leasing and a 24/7 service program.

LinCo Services of Washington, Ind., is handling the distribution, installation, equipment and supply for the Four Corners Coffee Program. We are very pleased to be a part of the Four Corners Coffee Program, said Jan Linneweber-Ellerman, LinCo Services' vice president of marketing. In fact, we like the program so much, we became a licensee. It's the perfect high-end offering.

Clark Brands LLC also announced an agreement as of July 2005 with WhiteWave Foods, manufacturers of International Delight and Land O' Lakes products. Four Corners point-of-purchase materials will include the Land O' Lakes and International Delight logos, letting customers know these products are available. Clark and WhiteWave Foods are developing other programs to co-promote Four Corners Coffees with International Delight and Land O' Lakes products.

WhiteWave Foods is a great partner, and we are glad to have them as part of the Four Corners Program, Goodhouse said. We believe their products will make Four Corners more attractive to retailers and, most important, to today's coffee customers.

Roll-out of the Four Corners Coffee Program to existing Clark licensees and customers will take place over the next 60 days. The Four Corners Coffee Program is designed for today's independent marketer and dealer and is open to all convenience stores, not just those branded Clark.

More information is available by contacting Careyann Robleski at (630) 355-8917 or Clark Brands licenses the Clark gasoline brand and the Four Corners Coffee Brand to independent petroleum marketers and retailers.