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Convenience store chain establishes non-profit foundation
What are the consequences of Microsoft ending support for old operating system?
The recent credit-card data theft at Target is a striking reminder of how tightly our retail brand name is tied to the trust of our customers and how it can be shattered in an instant with the loss of our customers’ data.
Today, consumers want “convenience plus,” and there’s one big problem. Food culture has shifted in the United States over the past two decades in some very profound ways.
Whatever happened to the good ol’ days of customers going directly to a store manager and informing him or her of their dissatisfaction? Shoppers now have the ability to share their experience by writing reviews or sharing their experience via social media.
Implementing solution at Kwik Chek convenience stores, dealer locations
Is it a convenience store? Is it a supermarket? Customers may ask these questions when they first visit Green Zebra Grocery in Portland, Ore., but they may not be able to answer—even after shopping the entire store.
After 2 down years, pie & cake sales rose 6.3% in c-stores.
There is much to like and much to dislike about Obamacare. In our comprehensive cover story by Angel Abcede and Melissa Vonder Haar, you will no doubt nod in agreement with the aggravation and uncertainty many in our industry are confronting. You may also find certain pieces of the ACA that you embrace.
Received incentives from AEP Texas Commercial Solutions Program