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Summer was a busy season for the tobacco industry. Tobacco deeming regulations progressed; Logic rocked the sales boat; and a seismic deal between Reynolds American and Lorillard Inc. is set to change the industry as we know it. What follows are product trends and legislative issues percolating in the tobacco category.
Will use proceeds to repay indebtedness under revolving credit facility, more
Convenience stores and truckstops see a lot of overlap in product offerings, but there are just as many unusual offers to accompany the more traditional ones. Here's a down and dirty look at the similarities and differences.
Retailer's seventh fast-fill compressed natural gas fueling location to open in Arkansas
The word insight is one of the most misused and misunderstood terms in marketing, but it’s also one of the most important. Insights are the key to success for brands and retailers in the long term. The more deeply you understand the emotional drivers of your shoppers’ behaviors, the more successful you will become. But first, you must understand the difference between a “generalization” and an “insight.”
Manufacturers bulk up protein products; new flavors abound
Puts panini take on its traditional sandwich
Swisher leveraging boutique cigar movement with Drew Estate acquisition
Tech firm releases Dual WAN failover app to maximize network availability
Makers of Red Vines and Sour Punch Candies honors top performers