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Eight steps to help increase your share of restaurant visits by optimizing your c-store design, labor and menu.
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Before a convenience retailer invests in a new fleet of ovens, it's important to consider your current and future menu. This, along with space and staffing, should drive your purchase decisions.
It’s not as if convenience stores are morphing into small versions of Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s, but make no mistake: There is a movement afoot among consumers wanting healthier food and beverage products. And while supermarkets may win most of that consumer spend, c-stores have become increasingly proactive in attracting these consumers.
Successful c-store foodservice operators are looking around at not what his or her c-store competitors are doing, but rather what the leaders in the restaurant realm are up to. What follows is a snapshot of the latest ideas from leading restaurants.
Consider the more recent initiatives in the c-store industry that will demand even more technology innovation: loyalty marketing, mobile payments, digital couponing and digital currencies, EMV, data security and protection of consumer information, etc. Successfully addressing these new initiatives will require a solid technology foundation in place within your organization.
Pugh previously was with Fresh & Easy, Walmart, Sam's Club